Anime Club

Hang out, have fun and watch anime! Bring your favourite animes or manga to share! Click here to see what life is like out there!

Dance Team

Like to dance? Then check out Palmer's Dance Club, see them in action here

Debate Club

They attend the UBC two day tournament and a wonderful event at St. Georges’. The team attended the Lower Mainland Regional Finals achieving noteworthy results.

Destination Imagination

Every year the DI team will chose a world issue. Group members will have to present solutions to the issue in creative, challenging ways! The work is wonderfully entertaining with group members who are eager, innovative and extremely creative. The teams do their best each year with in-school coaches and supportive teachers, resulting in a worthwhile experience.

Environmental club

This year, with the help of Mr. Wolfe, we were able to not only take on the recycling project in January, but also start our first-ever composting project and a gardening project. Our focus is to promote environmental awareness at Palmer.

Global Network

Global Network is an amalgamation of the Global Leadership and the Multicultural Leadership clubs. It is dedicated to raising awareness of global issues and promoting multiculturalism both within, and outside of, Palmer. They hold events and fundraisers such as Candy Grams, Valencrush, Santa's Breakfast and 30 Hour Famine. In addition, they promote conferences and activities available for students who are interested in global issues!

Griffin Connections

The Griffin Connections club strives to help new students adjust to the Palmer community. Through friendly games and competitions like twister, checkers and paper cutting, each club member gets to experience different cultures and backgrounds. This club develops a strong bond within group members, and creates a home for students to spend their leisure time connecting with other peers.

Griffin That Give

"Griffins That Give" is a school club that provides students with local volunteer opportunities. Within the community, our volunteers have been highly praised for their outstanding work and enthusiasm. The club meets Wednesdays at lunch in room 102, and is sponsored by Mrs. Calaciura.

JAX (Japanese Exchange)

What is JAX? Click here to find out!

Library Monitor's Club

Monitors take charge and watch over the library. Perfect for those who wants to be a librarian and also earn school service hours. Their tasks include filing, processing magazines, new books and discards and generally just keeping the library environment tidy and inviting. Being a monitor ensures access to the newest and hottest titles, as well as first dibs on the latest magazines.

The Palmer Gazette

The Palmer Gazette is a student-run newspaper which is distributed free of charge to the student body. School events and creative student submissions are published several times each year. For more information about the newspaper club, please speak to any of the members or the sponsor teacher, Ms. Lin.To see a sample of the Palmer Gazette, please visit The Newspaper page.

Photography Club

Palmer photography club started in November 2011. The Club promotes interests in photography and provides a place for students who love to take photographs to meet and exchange ideas. They use their camera’s to record school events and capture individual photos for specific themes every two weeks.

Science Team

Palmer's Science team (also known as palmers organization of physics) competes in science competitions around the lower mainland. Click here to see them in action!

Slam Poetry Club

Palmer's newly founded Slam Poetry Club currently features the Palmer Slammers. Through discussions, presentations, writing sessions, video viewing, and critical feedback, the Palmer Slam Poetry Club aims to develop its members into a strong team of individuals who view poetry as a mighty weapon of wit, wisdom, and expression, rather than another burden in life. Speaking your heart out has never been such a life-changing experience; as poets, we aim to explore our deepest thoughts as we work towards competitions and poetry cafés, such as the Hullabaloo Tournament and the Crackerjack Lipsmacker Youth Slam.

Student Council

Student Council is one of the core organizations at Palmer. Members are carefully handpicked and selected by the students at school. Student Council aims to improve general student life by organizing events such as Spirit Weeks and Dances. The Student Council hold their meetings every Monday. Together with sponsor teachers, Mrs. Debaie-Strick, and Mr. Chow, they come up with fantastic ideas for events throughout the school year.